S P I N A  R E C O R D S
118 Easton Ave, New Brunswick NJ


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you buy records?

Absolutely! We buy both small and large record collections all the time, give us a call/email if you have something you're interested in selling. We also buy old record players and stereo equipment too!

How much are my old records worth ? 

That depends on a lot of factors - condition, pressing and rarity all contribute to the price. We do our best to offer a fair price for your vinyl based on what we think we can sell it for in the store. Prices quotes can't be give over the phone/email,  we have to see the collection in-person.

Will my record start skipping or 'popping' ?
There is no such thing as a 'perfect' record. Most vinyl records will have some minor imperfections and condition issues but we always do our best to stock clean and quality vinyl records. Each record we sell is individually inspected and cleaned. We do not sell records we feel are unplayable or scratched beyond enjoyment.